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(02 of 03) Principals' Intro & Bios
Rod Nash RGD  
Early in his career in Australia Rod experienced the rush associated with designing a successful ad. A newspaper retail ad he worked on attracted so many buyers to a store, it created gridlock in downtown Melbourne…and a passion for results-driven-design in Rod.
.....At J. Walter Thompson in Melbourne, Rod and agency colleagues convinced a national advertiser to integrate collateral more closely with the advertising. What now seems an obvious strategy was something of a new one for large ad agencies at that time. Increased sales helped change that.
.....He continued being able to use this approach as an art director at Lawrence Wolf Inc., Buffalo, N.Y. with clients that included Kodak, Bausch & Lomb, & leading NY pharmaceutical companies. Later he helped open the Toronto office of Wolf, becoming a creative director. Accounts: Sunbeam, Canon, Volkswagen, and Esso.
.....In his three decades with Nash + Nash, Rod has continued to produce work showing how integrated marketing communications strategies work well.
.....In 1996 Rod used his communications skills to help get an act through the Ontario Legislature forming The Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario, essentially the first such act anywhere. As a founder of RGD he was a V.P. on the first RGD Board of Directors. Today he is an active advisor to the Board. Rod is a Past President of the RGD Examination Board where he remains an advisor. For 7 years Rod was a Director of the Design Industry Advisory Committee (DIAC) as a representative for Ontario's 20,000 plus graphic designers.