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(01 of 09) Case Studies
1995 How Our Simple Flyer and Logo Helped Keep Canada One Country
We are showing this case study first because it is an example of the major role an advertising design firm CAN have.
In October 1995 Quebec was about to have a referendum. It could have resulted in Quebec separating from Canada. A group of people in Calgary had held a rally to show Quebecers that Canadians cared about Quebec. Quebec media reported that only half a dozen people turned up at the Calgary rally. We heard from a PR colleague that both her French and English speaking friends in Montreal were thinking of voting to separate because the rest of Canada did not care.
Liz and I offered to help do the promotion for a rally in front of Toronto City Hall (with bilingual speakers including Margaret Atwood) to show Toronto cared. We produced a logo and a simple 2 sided flyer. The flyers were given out at Toronto subway stations. Media reported "*More than 8,000 people turned out to the Our Country rally at Nathan Phillips Square on Oct 24 to show Quebecers how they really feel." Quebec TV and print media was there and reported it well.
It was a very close referendum. People from Quebec, remembered the media reports around our event. They saw & heard these in Montreal at that time. They tell us they believe our work here helped tip the balance.

*Quoted from the Durham College Chronicle October 31, 1995
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