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Name Generation
With our years of experience working with clients planning new companies and products we developed a proven methodology for name generation. Sometimes generic names proved best, other times coined words. Clients already into their own name generation process appreciated a method that sped up things to a satisfying conclusion. See also WHERE >World Word-Check.
New names of companies and products
developed by us and/or working with our
clients naming groups.

Applanix (company name)
Allenvision (consultants)
Blackstock Pictures Inc.(Movie Producers)
Bristol Fashion (hotel tag line)
Blue-it (recycling program)
Cafe Moroc (restaurant bar)
Caskets Direct (company name)
Classic Aromatics (company name)
Con.Quest (educational program)
Conseer (company name)
Curry Twist (restaurant)
Ductman (company brand)
Duzi Cloth (product name)
Elephant Scrubbie (product name)
Endwaste (company name)
Enviroloop (company name)
Eutektics (company name)
Evolusynt (company name)
Faktorie (company name)
Framexx (retail store)
Kalendar (restaurant)
Kwiddity (website)
Mabu Multi Cloth (product name)
Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper (product name)
Nanettes (product name)
Odor Gator (product name)
Pin and Stitch (retail store)
REAđ»VIEW (theatre program)
Relectra (company name)
Sage (product name)
Safe-Shred (company brand)
Safe-T-element (product name)
Sentry (company brand)
Scrolls (product name)
Sustainabuild (company name)
SykRec (company name)
Tekhe Cloth (product name)
Telecalm (company name)
The Pant-a-Loons Challenge (Fundraiser)
The Roof (bar & restaurant)
Toronto Community News (Group rebranding)
TODS (Theatre series rebranding)
unyuns (new product line)
VFF (organization rebranding)
VyQua (new product line)
WeCan (Newsletter/ Women Entrepreneurs of Canada)
WasteAnalyst (new product)
WasteAuditor (new product)
Wyemet (company name)

Being able to view new companies, products
and organizations in a holistic marketing
communications way is an added value
we brought to the name generating process.