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Communication Plans/Gallery
N+N Communications Plans 2007
After working with companies producing all their communication needs we learned how, when everything was structured to work together, objectives tended to be met. So we developed "unique" one page plans with our clients so all involved could keep track without having to read tons of stuff. Note: the plan, shown here, is the 2nd (continuing) plan we did for TODS. The 1st helped TODS get a substantial Govt. funded Trillium Grant for being "so well organized." These plans are generally confidential but TODS (a non profit organization) agreed to let us publicize plans we did for them in our own promotions.

Quote from Randy Smye, Marketing Director The Oakville Drama Series:
"Nash & Nash came up with a marketing campaign for our Oakville Drama Series that has had spectacular results. In just one year we virtually doubled our subscriber base.”

TODS, The Oakville Drama Series, had possibly one of the largest theatres, and with our help the largest audiences, of any amateur theatre organizations in Canada.