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…and Another Sign (and Story) from Early 1960s
Ask any one who lived in Melbourne in the 60s if they remember the radio ad jingle, "There is nothing like the old fashioned flavour of Granny Davis Bread," and I’m sure they will sing it. As well as ads etc, Rod worked assembling the artwork on a number of Granny Davis bread packages. The woman in the photo was an actress who was also working as a receptionist at the bakery when agency owner, Mr Handbury, went to pitch the Granny Davis idea.
We had a new account executive. A big, friendly, smart American. As Rod worked with him he learned he was going to night school at RMIT (where Rod had gone). He had some of the same instructors. This was his first effort at being an advertising account executive. He was good. Brought a number of new clients into the agency. His name was Bob Blanchett. Three years after I left Australia he had a daughter, Cate Blanchett. Yes, the actress.

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(Cate Blanchett grew up around the corner from my Mum and Dad :)