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We Helped Reed Get a Design Canada Award & Kept a Client for 3 Decades
The large conglomerate Anglo Canadian Pulp and Paper Ltd was our 1st client when we started our own company in 1972. Anglo became Reed Paper Ltd in 1974/75. We helped the smooth rebranding transition. This included assisting in the choice of Allan Fleming (of CN logo fame) to do the new logo. Allan had just partnered with Burton Kramer. We continued producing the newly branded corporate materials for Reed along with Kramer and Fleming. After a year or two Reed had Nash+Nash do a presentation of all the new materials for a Design Canada Award. The presentation proved successful.

After the initial work by Flemming & Kramer we continued with Reed for years including annual reports, collateral, packaging, exhibits & advertising. Later Reed became Daishowa who we continued working for.
Anglo > Reed > Daishowa a client for 3 decades (until Daishowa was taken over by the problematic Enron).